First Presbyterian Church, Miles City / Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

          United as one in Christ Jesus, we

Spread the Good News of Jesus Christ;
Show God’s redeeming love to all;
Witness to the transforming power of the
Holy Spirit through worship, prayer and service.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to witness to the love of God and to the Good News of salvation won through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.  We share God’s redeeming message with one another and with others who are longing to hear it through the worship, prayer and service that we offer to one another, to our community and to our world.  We embrace all those within and reach out with open arms to all people.  We are guided in our witness by the ever-present Spirit of God, the Written Word and the fellowship of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  With such strong support leading us individually and as a congregation, we strive to live our faith and share the joy and hope we have with a hurting world.

(Photo Credit: Randy Schwartz)